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Get prepared and keep yourself safe. Check the latest COVID and travel updates about Saudi Arabia before planning your trip.

Stay In Riyadh, The Cultural Capital Of The Arab World

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia's capital, is located in the middle of the an-Nafud desert. However, it wasn't held back from being both a touristic destination and a business center. For instance, it’s known for many business district landmarks. They include the 267m-high Al Faisaliah Centre and the 302m-high Kingdom Centre. Besides, Riyadh's weather in winter is usually in the low 20s, which is ideal for travelers. Yet, it's not only about the weather. Riyadh is where history meets the future.

On the one hand, the story of medieval times is told through Riyadh's heritage sites, museums, old souqs, and ancient architecture. On the other hand, Riyadh’s restaurants, activities, and hotels are modern, luxurious, and absolutely magnificent. Consequently, it’s the forty-ninth most visited city worldwide and the 6th in the Middle East. Also, around 5 million tourists visit Riyadh every year.

The Ultimate Guide For a Wholesome Trip

Most Popular Attractions To Visit In Riyadh:

  •  Al Masmak Fort: It dates back to the 19th century as it played a remarkable role in the country's unification. Visitors would enjoy the old vibes reflected in the presented artifacts and the fortress architecture. Furthermore, the Arabic sitting room, aka Diwan, embraces fancy decorations and a historical throne.


  • National Museum: It’s known as the state-of-the-art museum. It includes several galleries showcasing reminiscent rock carvings, engaging models, and many more artifacts. They go back to different times in Arabian history. Additionally, there are 180-degree screens that add an entertaining layer to the exhibits.


  • Historical Diriyah: Diriyah is an ancient city located on the northwestern outskirts of Riyadh. It’s distinguished by the mud architecture and the abundance of parks. Historically, it’s the first Saudi capital ever and a former home for the royal family. In the 19th century, Diriyah was destroyed during the clashes between the Ottoman and the Saudi armies. Eventually, UNESCO identified Diriyah as a world heritage. 

Most Popular Activities To Do In Riyadh:

  • Shopping: Riyadh’s versatile group of shopping centers entails both traditional souqs and modern malls. Souq Al Zal is considered the most popular. You can find there a wide range of souvenirs such as gold coins, dusty antiques, and handicrafts. For the luxurious shopping malls, Riyadh Park Mall is an impressive space with entertaining facilities. They include IMAX cinema, beautifully decorated arcade, and open-air zone for stores and restaurants.


  • Sporting Events: For adventurous and outgoing tourists, campsites in Riyadh are perfect for you. For example, Edge of the world ensures a flawless experience through camel and bike rides. Similarly, sandboarding, safari, and tours of Riyadh are available upon booking.


  • Nature & Parks: Although Riyadh is technically built in the desert, it has grown many parks and green spaces. King Abdullah Park is unquestionably the number one destination for nature lovers. Besides its peaceful ambiance, there are diverse activities that suit kids as well. Moreover, a family trip to Riyadh is never complete without spending a day in Riyadh Zoo. Exclusively operating for families with kids, it was established in 1957 to be the largest zoo in the country. In Riyadh Zoo, kids will get introduced to a unique collection of animals, like the rare Houbara Bustard Bird. It's recommended to visit it in the late afternoon. So, the kids can ride the mini trains in cool weather.

Most Popular Places To Eat In Riyadh:             

  • Top-notch Fine Dining Restaurants: The Globe, La Brasserie, and Mazu are a few to mention. Furthermore, restaurants from almost all Cuisines, whether Italian, Asian, or Turkish, are easy to find.
  • Authentic Restaurants: Middle Eastern restaurants such as Al Majlis Al Khaleeji Restaurant, Majd Village, and Al Orjouan offer authentic yet flavorsome food.


Popular Areas 

Antiquities Museum - Kingdom Centre Tower - Al Faisaliyah center - Deerah Souq

Popular Airport 

King Khalid International Airport

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Reasons To Visit

Heritage - Culture - Entertainment

Hotel Deals on Tajawal

Needless to say, the right hotel can add a glamorous atmosphere to the whole trip. Hence,

Tajawal is the right place to search for the best hotels in Riyadh. Regardless of the budget, Tajawal can help you book the hotel that suits your needs.  





  1. Which hotels have a breakfast-included offer?


A number of hotels in Riyadh include breakfast for all guests with no extra fees, such as Holiday Inn Meydan, Burj Rafal Riyadh, a Marriott International Hotel, and Crowne Plaza Riyadh - RDC Hotel & Convention.

  1.  How to make sure the hotel I choose offers certain amenities?

On Tajawal website, you have the privilege of filtering hotels based on the desired amenities. You can check multiple services, such as housekeeping, gym, and Wi-Fi. In short, it’s guaranteed to find whatever you need.  

  1. How can I book?

The online hotel booking with Tajawal has made planning your stay pretty straightforward. You just need to specify the destination, the duration, and the number of guests. Then, you can use the searching filters to find the best hotels based on your personal preferences.  


  1. What if I want to cancel my reservation? Would I still have to pay?

Hotels such as Executives Hotel – Olaya, Aloft Riyadh Hotel, and Sheraton Riyadh Hotel & Towers offer free cancellation. Some hotels also offer the Pay Later option. Thus, you can book a room and pay at your convenience. Examples of these hotels include Crown Hotel, Rosh Rayhaan by Rotana, and Al Malqa Elite Hotel.

  1. What are the types of properties available for booking?

Through the Tajawal website, you’re not tied to one type of property. You can choose from hotel apartments, motels, properties, chalets, and of course, hotels.




FAQs About Riyadh

  • What is the average cost for a cheap hotel in Riyadh?

    Enjoy your stay in any of Riyadh’s cheap hotels in the best areas of the city such as NOBU Hotel Riyadh, Vivienda Hotel Villas & Mövenpick Hotel Riyadh. The average price for a cheap hotel is 486.06 AED per night.

  • What are the best areas in Riyadh to book hotels around?

    We recommend to book hotels in Riyadh around the most famous attractions to be in the heart of the city. If you visit the city for one or two days, we recommend to book the airport hotel in Riyadh.

  • What is the best time to book hotels in Riyadh?

    It is recommended to book Riyadh hotels during April & February. You can also book cheap hotels in Riyadh during October & August. You can pick the best day to book which is Tuesday to save your money while the most expensive day is Friday.

  • Can I find hotels in Riyadh with a specific mood?

    Tajawal offers all types of hotels that work for different tastes. If you are traveling with your family and kids you can book kids-friendly hotels as well as romantic hotels if you are traveling with your spouse.

  • Where can I stay to be surrounded by the best shopping places in Riyadh?

    Book one of the top 10 hotels in Riyadh around landmarks to explore the best shopping options in the city.

  • What are the most important tips that I should know before traveling to Riyadh?

    Prepare your budget according to the city’s currency which is SAR. Make yourself aware of the local time in 12:56 PM to know the time difference between your country and Saudi Arabia Kingdom, generally the weather in Riyadh is Clear and the average temperature is 28°C.

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