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Enjoy a fabulous stay at these Northern Emirates hotels!

<p>Find Cheap Flights and Compare More Than 1 Million Hotels</p>

Find Cheap Flights and Compare More Than 1 Million Hotels

Fly to over 15,000 destinations and compare over 1 million hotels from all over the world on tajawal. Book your airline tickets and the perfect stay in a few simple steps with affordable rates on flights and cheap hotels online.

<p>Easy Flight &amp; Hotel Search</p>

Easy Flight & Hotel Search

Flight and hotel bookings are easy and hassle-free with tajawal. Book cheap flights and compare over 1 million hotels online. Use tajawal to instantly find and compare the best flights and hotels on offer.

<p>Discounts and Cheapest Flights and Cheapest Hotels</p>

Discounts and Cheapest Flights and Cheapest Hotels

Hotel and flight bookings with tajawal let you compare prices for different hotels and airlines. Book the cheapest flight tickets within any class, and get the best budget-friendly options of hotels online.

<p>Download the Tajawal App for Free</p>

Download the Tajawal App for Free

Book cheap hotels and get airline tickets at low prices right at your fingertips with the tajawal app. Download the free app now and compare prices of hotels and flights to your favourite destinations via the app.

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