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Quick Facts About Okinawa

Local Time


08:48 AM





Based on Affordable Restaurant

30.52 AED

Public Transport

One-way Ticket

8.14 AED

Average temperature



Weather for the next 7 days

Sun 23°C Mon 24°C Tue 25°C Wed 25°C Thu 23°C Fri 23°C Sat 23°C

About Okinawa

Let your travel plans become real by booking your flight to Okinawa with Tajawal. Our website is your go-to platform for booking flights on the best airlines: Korean Air to Okinawa in Japan with the best flight fares.

Make sure to check the weather in Okinawa in advance, the most time it is Possible Light Rain. The tempersture has an average of 23°C. If you seek for a cheap flight, it is better to book on Sunday . If you book on Monday you get a more expensive flight ticket.

Before your flight takes off, Tajawal offers interesting facts about the city for you: The currency used in Okinawa is JPY, daily flights land on and departure from the city through Naha, Average cost of food is 30.52 AED and the local time is 02:46 PM. You will pay in Okinawa usually an average of 8.14 AED for transportation fares.

Okinawa has it all with amazing activities around every corner and also offers you a variety of shopping malls. All these options can only lead to one choice to book your next flight to Okinawa and enjoy a unique vacation.

A perfect vacation to Okinawa depends on finding the best flights fares and accomodation. Tajawal gives you the best options of accomodations and flights. Through the smart search engine on Tajawal, you can get recommendations for nearby cities, in case you need to extend your trip to another city.

FAQ for Flight to Okinawa

  • What is the approx cost for food in Okinawa?

    Approx food cost in Okinawa is 30.52 AED

  • What is the average transportation cost in Okinawa?

    Average transportation cost in Okinawa is 8.14 AED

  • What is the main airport name in Okinawa?

    The main airport name in Okinawa is Naha

  • Which is the cheapest day to book a flight to Okinawa?

    The cheapest day to book a flight is Sunday

  • Which is the expensive day to book a flight to Okinawa?

    The expensive/costliest day to book a flight is Monday

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