Latest travel and entry requirements

  • Visitors from around 45 countries, including the UAE, are allowed entry as part of a permitted countries list, which has been divided into two categories: Category 1 (low and medium risk) and category 2 (‘special status’ list). See the full list countries under Category 1 & 2 here.
  • Category 2 countries, such as the UAE, have been granted a 'special status' so that travellers from there can enter Seychelles regardless of the number of COVID-19 cases.
  • Travellers from Category 1 countries are allowed to enter, subject to the following:
    • They must have a negative test result for a PCR (COVID-19) test taken at an accredited laboratory no more than 72 hours before departure.
    • They must book at one of the licenced establishments or liveaboards designated for Category 1 travellers.Find the full list of establishments here.
    • Upon arrival, they must stay in not more than two accommodations or liveaboards for 7 days.
    • Some travellers may be selected for an additional test upon arrival at the airport.
  • Travellers from category 2 countries ('special status' list) should adhere to the following measures until the country they are travelling from is added to Category 1:
    • They must have a negative test result for a PCR (COVID-19) test taken at an accredited laboratory no more than 48 hours before departure.
    • Upon arrival, they must quarantine in an establishment designated for Category 2 travellers for 5 days. Find the full list of establishments here.
    • On Day 5, they will undergo a second PCR test; those with positive results will stay in a designated 'stay-safe' hotel until they are cleared by the Public Health Authority.
    • Some travellers may be selected for an additional test upon arrival at the airport.
  • A Health Travel Authorization (HTA) is mandatory to enter Seychelles from all countries including the 'special status' group. All passengers of all ages, including nationals, must apply for the authorisation between 72 to 3 hours before departure.
  • Each individual must apply for the authorization separately through the official website, or through the official mobile application (iOS; Android).
  • To apply for the authorization, the following information is required:
    • Valid passport information
    • Recent passport picture or a photo taken during the application process
    • Negative PCR (COVID-19) test result
    • Travel information (including flight details)
    • Contact information
    • Information about the certified accommodation of stay
    • Valid travel insurance with full medical coverage for the entire duration of the stay.
    • Valid credit/debit card information
  • Parents or adults accompanying children under 18 are responsible for filling their applications.
  • You can check the status of the application here.
  • HTA is valid for one journey only and expires once the traveller departs the country.
  • Travellers must have a confirmed booking at licensed establishments or liveaboards that have been certified by the Public Health Authority. Categories 1 & 2 have designated establishments.
  • Seychelles residents coming from low, medium, and high-risk countries are allowed to enter under certain conditions.
  • Earlier on, entering from a high-risk country required filling out an entry form which should be emailed to the Public Health Authority on the following address. There is no update on whether this still applies after the introduction of HTA.
  • Visitors transiting through countries that are not on the permitted list will be allowed to enter Seychelles only if they do not exit the airport during transit.
  • All travellers must have a negative PCR (COVID-19) certificate from an accredited laboratory. Infants and children are not exempt from this requirement.
  • All travellers, including those entering from a 'special status' country, must have travel insurance covering COVID-19 related medical care, and it must be valid for the duration of their stay in Seychelles.
  • Aircraft/airlines are not to board any traveller or crew member who is symptomatic of COVID-19.

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