Latest travel and entry requirements

  • International travel has resumed, but non-Kuwaiti travellers arriving from 34 'high-risk' countries, including the latest additions - Afghanistan, France, Argentina and Yemen - are not allowed entry. However, first-degree relatives of Kuwaiti nationals arriving from high-risk countries are allowed to enter provided they can present a proof of their relationship. Singapore has been removed from the high-risk list.
  • Others from the specified 34 countries will only be allowed if they arrive from a non-high-risk country and have at least spent the past 14 days there.
  • All travellers must register with the Kuwait Mosafer application and submit the QR/barcode provided in the app throughout the different phases of travel.
  • They are required to download and register with the Shlonik tracing app before boarding the plane. The app can be downloaded for iOS here and for Android here.
  • They must also have travel health insurance that covers treatment for COVID-19.
  • Please note that GCC nationals travelling to Kuwait must hold a valid passport, as travel with a GCC/Civil ID is currently not permitted.
  • At this stage, all arriving flights are required to operate at a maximum capacity of 30% and only up to 10,000 travellers are allowed to arrive each day. The allowed capacity and number of daily passengers is expected to gradually increase by February 2021 as part of the second phase. The final phase, expected in August 2021, may see flights being allowed to operate at 100% capacity.

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