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Australia and New Zealand are the two most well-known countries in Oceania. But there are 12 other, smaller island nations scattered around the region. Each with something unique to offer.

Oceania Information

Weather in Oceania Weather in Oceania

Oceania can get very, very hot during the summer, but has more moderate temperatures in the winter. There is also very little rainfall. As Oceania is in the South Pacific, it has its summer and winter months at the opposite times of the year to Europe, Asia and North America.

Popular Oceania DestinationsPopular Oceania Destinations

Oceania has a number of amazing destinations you should visit. We would recommend Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Brisbane, Perth, Suva, Honiara and Nukuʻalofa.

Top Attractions in OceaniaTop Attractions in Oceania

There are plenty of incredible attractions in Oceania. Australia itself is filled with lots of sights, such as the Sydney Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef and the Blue Mountains. Elsewhere in Oceania, you will find Milford Sound (New Zealand), Denarau Island (Fiji) and Mount Wilhelm (Papua New Guinea).

Languages in OceaniaLanguages in Oceania

The vast majority of people in Australia and New Zealand speak English. Other island nations speak a variety of local languages, whilst some inherit those used in south Asian countries, such as Indonesia.

Food in Oceania Food in Oceania

Australia and New Zealand have a similar culture to western nations, and this is often reflected in the foods they eat. Other places have their own traditional dishes, normally based on the local ingredients they can grow on their lands, which depend on the season.

Oceania sizeOceania size

Oceania is the smallest continent in the world, measuring at around 8.5 million square kilometres in size. Approximately 7.6 million square kilometres of that is just Australia.

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