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Book Hotels in Europe with tajawal. We can find you the best possible deal, in one of the most diverse continents in the world. Stay at a five-star, luxurious hotel, or a cosy, budget hostel. You can always find the cheapest price when you book with tajawal.

Despite its relatively small size, in relation to other continents, Europe is home to 51 individual countries. With tajawal, you can find a cheap hotel in practically all of them. From France and Germany, to Croatia and Greece.

Europe Information

Weather in Europe Weather in Europe

Like most places, Europe is generally warmer in the south, and colder in the north. Places like Scandinavia can get freezing in the winter months, but are otherwise quite comfortable in terms of weather.

Popular Europe DestinationsPopular Europe Destinations

Europe has many amazing destinations you should visit. Some of our favourite spots include Paris, Berlin, Madrid, London, Krakow, Bucharest, Budapest and Prague. Aside from the more famous western European destinations, we’d also recommend checking out Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and countries in the Mediterranean.

Top European AttractionsTop European Attractions

You’ll find lots of incredible attractions in Europe.The Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Colosseum in Rome, Big Ben in London and The Louvre in Paris are just a handful of must-visit places in Europe.

Languages in EuropeLanguages in Europe

Each country in Europe tends to have its own language. People in the UK speak English, those in Spain talk Spanish, and the Italians speak Italian. However, there is some crossover. Belgians typically speak French, and Austrians tend to speak German.

Food in Europe Food in Europe

Although it is a small continent, Europe is incredibly diverse. Each country has its own culture, and favourite food dishes. It is almost completely different in each country. Italy is known for its pasta, Germany for its sauerkraut, eastern European nations for delicious food festivals of all kinds of different things.

Europe sizeEurope size

Apart from Oceania, Europe is the smallest continent in the world, measuring at roughly 10.3 million square kilometres.

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