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There are 48 countries in Asia, although three of them (Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkey) have parts of their land in Europe.

Asia Information

Weather in Asia Weather in Asia

Because Asia is so large, the type of weather you can expect depends on where you’re visiting. In southern Asia – places like India, Thailand and Vietnam – it is generally hot throughout the year. However, if you go up to Russia, particularly in the north to places like Siberia, it can get very, very cold.

Popular Asia DestinationsPopular Asia Destinations

Asia has many incredible destinations you should visit. Some of our favourite spots include Tokyo, Beijing, Dubai, Mumbai and Bangkok.

Top Attractions in AsiaTop Attractions in Asia

You’ll find lots of amazing attractions in Asia. Visit the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal in India or the Burj Khalifa in Dubai – the tallest building in the world. Or, perhaps you would prefer the temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, or the Forbidden City in China.

Languages in AsiaLanguages in Asia

There are hundreds, if not thousands of different languages spoken throughout Asia. It really depends on which region you’re in. Many in the Middle East speak some form of Arabic, whilst in India they typically speak Hindi and English. And of course, Chinese is the most spoken language in the world.

Food in Asia Food in Asia

Asian meals typically include meat and vegetable stews, with rice and bread being popular side dishes. Because Asia is such a big place, the food tends to vary extremely from region to region.

Asia sizeAsia size

Asia is the largest continent in the world, at around 45.5 million square kilometres in size. It is also home to some of the biggest countries in the world, such as Russia and China.

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