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Hotels in Africa

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There are 54 countries in the great continent of Africa, so there is plenty to see and lots to do. You have a wide variety of options when staying here. We can find you a hotel in almost every African country, including South Africa, Egypt, Morocco and Ghana.

Africa Information

Weather in Africa Weather in Africa

Africa is a big continent, so the weather varies between different regions. But it is typically hot and dry, with a tropical climate found in certain areas. The best time to visit, as far as the weather is concerned, is between May and October.

Popular Africa DestinationsPopular Africa Destinations

Africa has many wonderful destinations you should visit. In particular, we would recommend booking a best hotel in South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Tanzania or Kenya.

Top Attractions in AfricaTop Attractions in Africa

Africa has lots of natural attractions, such as Victoria Falls, Mount Kilimanjaro and the River Nile. It also has a lot of fascinating history, which can be explored in places like Egypt (the Pyramids of Giza) and Tunisia (El Djem).

Languages in AfricaLanguages in Africa

There are approximately 2000 different languages spoken in Africa, some more popular than others. Many speak Arabic, English or French – and most countries have their own national language.

Food in Africa Food in Africa

African dishes are very popular around the world – not just in Africa. They vary from country to country, but typically include grilled meats, rice, beans and potatoes.

Africa sizeAfrica size

Africa is approximately 30.4 million square kilometres in size; the second largest continent in the world. It consists of 54 different countries, each of varying sizes.

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