Flights to Oceania

Flights to Oceania

The most popular airlines that fly to the continent of Oceania are Emirates, Qantas, Virgin Australia, Asiana Airlines and Air New Zealand. However, there are many, many more airlines that charter flights to this popular continent.

Countries in Oceania

Oceania is home to 25 incredibly diverse and unique countries. Australia is the largest country in the continent while Nauru is the smallest.

Population of Oceania

With a total population of roughly 40 million, Oceania is home to many different cultures and ethnic groups. Christianity is the most widespread religion, while Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism are also present on this diverse continent.

About Oceania

How big is Oceania?

Covering approximately 8.526 million square kilometres, Oceania is considered the world's 2nd smallest continent in terms of surface area.

Oceania languages

The main languages spoken in Oceania are English, Maori, Samoan and Tongan.

Oceania Cuisine

Prominent dishes in Oceania include steak, grilled chicken, venison, salmon, oysters, kangaroo, crocodile and buffalo.

Weather in Oceania

The climate in Australia drifts from moderate to extreme heat, particularly inland. New Zealand weather is much more changeable, ranging from hot weather to tropical weather conditions. The best time to visit Australia is between September to November and March to May, which is when the weather isn't scorching but will allow you to see this diverse country in the best possible light. On the other hand, autumn and winter are fantastic times to see New Zealand, when the trees are colourful and there's snow on the mountains.

Top destinations in Oceania

Popular destinations in Oceania that are worth booking a flight to include Sydney, Melbourne, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Perth, Cairns, Auckland, Fraser Island and Queenstown.

Attractions in Oceania

The list of attractions in Oceania is near-endless, but if we were to pick some of the most popular attractions the shortlist would surely include the Sydney Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru, Kakadu National Park, Bora Bora, Fraser Island, Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Waitomo Caves and the world-famous surf paradise Bondi Beach.

Popular Countries in Oceania

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